Native Construction Group Services

Central Florida's Premier Asphalt/Limerock Milling Company

Asphalt Milling

Our Milling Machines, or Cold Planers, provide the ability to remove deteriorated asphalt at grade or in total (i.e., highways, county roads, parking lots, etc.). The benefits include, but are not limited to, to produce asphalt millings for alternative purposes, prepare the milled asphalt surface to be repaved, and/or to make a recyclable aggregate for new asphalt production.
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Limerock Milling

Our Milling Machines, or Cold Planers, provide the ability to cleanly, safely, and efficiently remove limerock base (i.e., demolition projects, road base, etc.). This provides end-users the ability to introduce a surmountable cost-savings into their projects by being able to reuse limerock on the same project or transport to another project.
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Milling Clean-Up Services

Increasing the speed of projects, especially repaving degraded asphalt, we can provide a clean-up service. Using brooms, sweepers, skid-steers, and water trucks the newly milled asphalt surface can be cleaned, which will allow new asphalt paving operations to commence immediately.
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Asphalt Milling/Aggregate Sales

Native Construction Group stores Asphalt Millings, Limerock, and other aggregates. We provide the service of selling, hauling, and storing the many different forms of aggregate necessary to meet the needs of any Heavy Civil Construction project.
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