Central Florida's Premier Asphalt Milling Company

Native Construction Group offers Asphalt and Limerock milling services based out of Ocala, Florida. 
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Why Native Construction Group?

Native Construction Group provides contractors with the ability to address or pivot to the ever-shifting demands each project dictates. Through years of work, connections, and access to resources, Native Construction Group can meet the demands and standards of any project.

Asphalt and Limerock Milling

Native Construction Group offers project experience Includes but is not limited to demolition to Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) contracts. 
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Asphalt and Limerock Milling in Central Florida

Native Construction Group is Central Florida's Premier Asphalt Milling Company.

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Native Construction Group Provides the Best Asphalt Milling in Florida

With extensive experience, heavy machinery, and work force, Native Construction Group can adequately meet the demands of any size project. Our goals are to build lasting relationships, to meet project deadlines, provide competitive pricing, and provide the highest quality of workmanship.
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